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With more than 14 years of industry experience in LED lighting, outdoor lighting, and solar lighting, we provide solutions for every environment, lighting size, and engineering technology. Looking for a variety of professional lighting and solar products? You've come to the right place.



NAS is a leading solar led street lights manufacturer and supplier of commercial led solar street lights, municipal solar led street lights, solar parking lot lights, solar flood lights, solar garden street lamps, solar garden lights, solar bollard lights, solar wall lights.If yo don’t need special customizition, ust the standard product, we have the inventory material to support fast delivery.Regular products from our factory can be shipped anytime within 72 hours.


Have you never understood the parameters of the product itself: including battery capacity and photovoltaic panel wattage?

I don’t understand the advantages and benefits of solar lights. What can they bring to me?

How long is the warranty for the product itself and how long is it to deal with after-sales issues?

Have you ever had so many lamps to choose from and don’t know how to choose?

Have you purchased different solar lights before, but have you ever been confused about the brightness of the product itself?

How to solve the problem when the required quantity is small but the freight is very expensive?

I Know How You Feel...


Many people who contact us do not have a full understanding of how a solar lighting system works, and that’s understandable! There’s often many questions, including does the system use batteries, what’s a charge controller, how do the lights turn on, how big is the solar panel? These all are all good questions that we will address below.

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Maybe it's time to invest in some new gear...or maybe you need a partner who can help you connect everything together and take care of all the worries for you so that you can most efficiently build your billionaire potential. 

After-Sales Service

We build long-term cooperation with our supply partners to offer the most attractive Solar LED light prices on the market. Should you need to repair the lamps during your warranty period, we will send you new parts.

Provide Solar Solutions

As professional solar street light manufacturer and supplier in China, NAS is dedicated to solar lighting solutions by business and designs unparalleled high-power solar street lights for for commercial and municipal project.

Customized Products On Demand

Alternatively, we can manufacture your own design if you have one. We can also customize the products as per your specifications. No one else will be able to purchase your custom design.We can provide customized 3D rendering designs.

Customized Packaging

We can provide products with your brand on them. Labels can be customized to fit your brand or local language, which will enhance the marketing of your product or service locally.

Help You Sell

Marketing will be necessary if you want to sell a product. We can provide all open marketing documents(such as catalogs, specifications, Video, HD pictures, and more). They can be used easily, effectively, and quickly to successfully market your products.


As a seasoned solar product manufacturer with over 14 years of manufacturing experience, we’ve mastered the technology of developing bespoke solar products that address the global market’s various demands. To help you offer solar products that stand out among our peers, we have an expansive selection of customization options, including features, appearance, and packaging.

NAS is always dedicated to delivering innovative solar street lighting solutions that proliferate energy efficiency and demand reduction.

Located in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, the lighting capital of China, it has nearly 150 skilled workers and 8,000 square meters of factory buildings to meet customers’ needs for fast delivery.

We are an agile, resourceful player that is big enough to deliver on large-scale municipal solar street lighting projects, yet small enough to focus on flexibility and care to meet all your needs for outdoor lighting.


The Most Competitive Price

We only use the highest quality components so that we minimize the total cost of ownership for our customers. We pay attention to every component and work diligently to ensure that every step of the energy conversion process is maximized and very little is wasted.

Customized Solar Lights

Greenshine works with our customers to design the best street lighting solution for your individual needs. We customize every solar light part by part to ensure it is the optimal choice for the environment, temperature, as well as sunlight duration in your local area.

Outstanding Customer Service

From our Solar Lighting Specialists to our Technicians, we offer support from the initial quoting phase to years later after install,NAS LIGHT only focus on the best quality solar led lighting products to make sure our business partners relieved and long time working with us.

OEM/ODM Avaliable

We support any form of OEM/ODM customization requirements.Whether you want to have your logo printed on the solar lamp boday and cartons or want to design it differently, we can help you. NAS stands for “Semi-Knocked Down”.

Advantages Of Led Solar Light

Energy-Saving And Environmental-Friendly

LED solar lights are powered by solar energy which is renewable and clean. Unlike traditional lights, this system will not cause any power loss. There are so many lights on a road that the energy savings created by them cannot be neglected. Solar energy is also inexhaustible and can be used wherever there is sunlight, and it does not cause pollution and harm during the conversion process, so solar-powered led light is a more environmentally friendly solution.

Higher Efficiency And Long Lifespan

Led solar lights are efficient because they convert sunlight into electricity. LED technology provides brighter light and can result in a reduction of energy usage when used in solar lights.Compared with traditional lights, LED lights consume less energy while providing better illumination. The average lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours, so they tend not to fail. While the working time of traditional lamps is between 5000 and 8000 hours, the failure rate is higher.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

There are a large number of circuits needed to build traditional lights, and the operation requires a great deal of work. Fortunately, solar lights require a single cement base and galvanized bolts to be fixed, so installation is easier. As a result, the solar light uses less manpower and costs less to build; it is also easier to maintain later on due to the simple structure.

Unique Design & Cinema 4D Simulation Support

An innovative supplier of Solar Lights continuously launches new products with unparalleled design. A professional and efficient solar-powered outdoor lights supplier is able to offer free Lighting Design Simulation for your project in time. That’s helpful for you to win more bidding.


We offer a variety of products that come with certificates or in compliance with standard of CE ,CB,ROHS, FCC,UL,ISO9001.A reliable supplier or manufacturer of solar led lights ought to be certified. The products available have passed rigid regulations, which means they are of top quality. Certification signifies that the work area has been evaluated according to the governing body’s requirements.

Join other discerning property owners and choose from a variety of luxury apartments and penthouses made to the highest standards of construction and design.

All apartments incorporate sun balconies with breathtaking views of the city. They have porcelain granite flooring, modern kitchens, central air conditioners, solar water systems, private storage units, and ample parking. To receive a full specifications of available apartments and floor plans contact us today to schedule an appointment and tour.

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The apartments are strategically located in the center of River North neighborhood, which is accessible to all main roads as well as shopping, sport, and leisure centers. The complex is within walking distance of the best schools and kindergartens. Join a quality community and upgrade your life so you can enjoy a prestigious, unapologetic, comfortable lifestyle.

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