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Classic Solar Flood Light

DJS series solar flood light is the most classic solar flood light,adopting high brightness beads,the brightness reaches 1101m/w.And it adopts high capacity lithium iron phosphate battery,which has high power,long time,light weight,green resources,and won’t cause any harm to human body.

Lens Solar Flood Light

TJ series solar flood light adopts outdoor special UV resistant PC material lens,which will not turn yellow and is light weight and 16 times more impact resistant than ordinary glass.Adopting high-precision aspherical optical design and imported optical grade PMMA raw materials,all of which meet the export standards.

Plastic Solar Flood Light

DL series solar flood light adopts high lumen SMD LED chips.The bracket is adjustable to meet different lighting angle requirements and adapt to different life scence.Adjustable brightness dimming function,timer function.

ABS Solar Flood Light

MW series solar flood light lamp body external ABS,sturdy and practical,high hardness,not easy to damage,even in rainy days can also be well protected from damage to the lamp body,especially suitable for outdoor use.

Charging Indicator Solar Flood Light

MTX series solar flood lights are designed with a charging indicator at the bottom of the lamp body.When charging starts,the indicator will light up and remind people of the remaining power and charging status of the lamp body in time,which is convenient and quick.

Radar Solar Flood Light

LD series solar flood light is designed with radar sensor at the bottom of the lamp body,when people are close to it,the bright beads will become bright,and vice versa,it will be dimmed slowly,the main role is to save electricity,green and environmental protection.

Aluminum Solar Flood Light

TZL series solar flood light shell adopts die-casting aluminium shell,which has good impact resistance and durability,and can effectively prevent the surface from discolouration and yellowing.fading or is in cloudy and rainy days,the lamp body can also work normally.

Promotional Solar Flood Light

SL series solar flood light is the hot selling model of TNL shop.The small and delicate appearance and affordable price are popular among customers.With high brightness beads,the high brightness illumination can be adapted to various living spaces.

4-in-1 Solar Flood Light

XGS series solar flood light adopts optical optical V-grade reflector,which is designed by optical principle,with precise focusing and high refractive index.4-in-1 bright light beads are high refractive index.4-in-1 bright light beads are arranged and combined like waves,and the reflector is used to maximise the effect of the LEDs.

Deep Lamp Cup Solar Flood Light

JBP series solar flood light adopts optical V-grade reflector with large depth and many layers,which is designed by using optical principle with precise focusing and high refractive index.Adopting high quality and high brightness lamp bead light source to make the light emitting more uniform.

Hot Sell Solar Flood Light

HM solar flood light is a hot seller in TNL shop,affordable price and excellent quality loved by customers.High lumen SMD LED chip,up to 120lm/W.All-in-one package design for easy transport and resale.Bracket is adjustable to meet different lighting angle requirements.

Full Screen Solar Flood Light

DP series solar flood light is the classic style of TNL shop.Adopting full screen mode,high brightness light beads fully wrapped around the light body,high quality light source,more uniform light emission.High brightness illumination,maximise the effect of LED,wider lighting range.

Warning Light Solar Flood Light

TJS series solar flood light,the bottom of the lamp body is designed with red and blue warning light and charging indicator.Click the red remote control button warning light on,LED red and blue warning light alternately flashing,play a warning role.

IP67 Solar Flood Lamp

MZL series solar flood light,the glas adopts IP67 standard waterproof,triple waterproof sealing design to better protect the lamp body.It also has waterproof and lightning protection,which can protect the normal operation of the lamp body in the face of extreme weather.

Let us tell you why you should choose solar lights

From NAAISI Lighting

Mass production, stable quality, excellent procurement costs, and can provide cost-effective products.

It is one of the top three suppliers in the solar energy industry in the Zhongshan market.The workshop is about 10,000 square meters and can produce 700,000+ pieces per month.

With many years of experience in retail and wholesale sales services, we can provide OEM and ODM services.

Teniliang company passed ISO9001, CE, InterTECH, factory inspection, occupying LVD EMC ROHS FCC certification.

Green Environmental

Easy To Install

Save Electricity Bills

Wide Range Of Applications


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How can we increase your competitiveness & profits in your market?

Support customization

1.We’ll listen carefully to your ideas and make sure we fully understand your requirements.

2.We provide 3D visualization support to transform your concepts into final products.

3.We have multiple certifications and patents to protect your business.

Superb R&D

1.We highly value your feedback and opinions as it helps us continuously improve and upgrade our products.

2.If you can’t find an LED product that precisely meets your market needs, let us know and we’ll tailor one to help you stand out from the competition.

3.At Vorlane, we’re committed to providing unique designs and reliable service you can always rely on.

Extremely competitive pricing

1.Our own factory gives us complete control over every aspect of production under one roof.

2.We are located in the largest LED lighting industrial zone in China, which provides us with a complete supply chain.

3.We offer a variety of customization options for you to choose from.

Our products have passed CE ROHS, TUV, ISO9001, FC certification, to meet various certification requirements in different countries. 

We collect a lot of FAQs from our real clients and please check out our FAQ page. Also, feel free to chat with us via LiveChat (on the right bottom corner), phone call, email, or just simply drop us a line below:

30 PCS per model. 30 PCS for sample order.

Depends on order quantity and clients’ will.
Sample order will be delivered by express like FEDEX, DHL., which may take 7~14 days.
100kg Is OK for air delivery, which may take 7~14 days
1 CBM is OK for sea shipment, which may take 3~6 weeks.

Firstly, contact sales and provide required specifications. Confirm price, payment and delivering terms with sales team.
Complete payment as PROFOMA INVOICE shows and inform us to proceed on production.

Of course, but with MOQ conditions. For detail information, please contact sales team.

Yes, our products come with a warranty period, which is different for each product.

Firstly, please contact sales team and provide profiles like pictures and video about faulty items. Secondly, your request will be handled within 24 hours. Finally, factory will provide related spare parts or complete products to replace.

We are professional manufacturer in solar lights for 12 years.We have our owm R&D department with 15 people.Customer service for 50 people.More than 10000 square meters workshop and 300000 pcs capacity per month.We accept urgent orders and custimizsd orders.

We have no MOQ for regular products.100-1000 pcs depend on your OEM and ODM require.

Samples can be provided in 1-2 days,mass production in 1-2 weeks.

Our warranty is 2 years. If there is any problem with the lamp body, you need to contact us at the first time, and you need to take a good video and pictures and send them to us. We will answer your questions and give you corresponding solutions according to your questions, and give you a satisfactory reply. 

Yes, we’d love to take sample orders for testing and checking purpose. Mixed sample orders are acceptable.

1-2 days for sample order. 1-2 weeks for order with big quantity.

How can we reduce your insecurity & bring you more confidence among many suppliers?

We Are Factory

We ensure product quality by producing all parts in-house and handling product development, assembly, and quality inspection within our own factory. This perfect industrial chain inspires confidence in our customers.

700,000 /M Production Capacity

We ensure product quality by producing all parts in-house and handling product development, assembly, and quality inspection within our own factory. This perfect industrial chain inspires confidence in our customers.

Support Customized OEM & ODM

Our engineering team is professional and strong. With an MOQ, we can design and customize different configurations according to customer needs to protect customer interests.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Flood Light

Purpose Of Solar Flood Light
When choosing the best flood light, it is important to first consider the purpose of the light. There are many different types of flood lights on the market, each with its own unique purposes. So, before making a purchase, it is important to determine what the light will be used for. At Naaisi, we offer a wide variety of floodlights that can be used for different purposes.

Solar Panels
polycrystalline silicon solar panels,high conversion adequate charging,full aluminum panel frame,,fast,high photoelectric conversion rate can be used for rainy day charging,solar panel is well sealed.

Beam Angle
Another thing to consider when choosing a flood light is the beam angle. This is the angle at which the light will be distributed and will directly impact how wide of an area the light will illuminate. A wider beam angle is ideal for larger areas, while a narrower beam angle is better for smaller, more concentrated areas.

Size And Weight
The size and weight of the flood light are also important considerations. If the light will be used in a portable application, then it is important to choose a light that is compact and lightweight. However, if the light will be mounted in a stationary position, then size and weight may not be as much of an issue.

Another important consideration is weatherproofing. If the light will be used outdoors, then it is important to choose a light that is weatherproof and designed to withstand the elements.

Ease Of Installation
The last thing to consider is the ease of installation. If the light will be mounted in a difficult or hard-to-reach location, then it is important to choose a light that is easy to install. After connecting to the solar panel, it will automatically charge when exposed to the sun during the day, and will automatically turn on the lights when it gets dark at night.

Let’s Work Out The Best Solution For A Specific Application!


Committed to the R&D and manufacturing of outdoor lighting products, providing competitive solar solutions, and continuously creating greater value for customers. Make light fills every corner of the world. NAAISI will build itself into a lighting enterprise with excellent brand, excellent employees, strong core competitiveness and international management capabilities.